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ESurvey CADD - List of Frequently Asked Technical Issues

ESurveying Softech (India) Pvt. Ltd. believes that the key to success for any product lies not just with the quality of the product alone, but also with the service and support that is provided with it. Also, we consider “Support” to be a boon rather than a bane. We therefore provide the best help and support ensuing from the product.

For any kind of queries and clarifications regarding the product, kindly contact our customer support at:

  • Support: +91-80-23491717  ,+91-80-23191818 ,+91-80-23191414
     [All working Days : 10.00 AM - 8.00 PM IST or 4:30AM to 02:30 PM GMT]
  • Mail us at: support@esurveying.net
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Section Support-FAQ

Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 Why we get catastrophic error for print settings?
2 How to display more Layers in LS?
3 ESurveyCADD->Sections ->Print(all Cross-Sections, at a point)
4  How to create total station data from Auto Level data / Field book data?
5 How to avoid CSA Command exporting elevations of next and previous sections?
6  How to convert section data in CAD as a Field Book?
7  How to include intersection points also when exporting section data to Excel?
8 When chainages are marked along with alignment having offsets, at offsets, between some chainages length may differ because of the curves. How to avoid it?
9  How to Export Remarks along with Cross Section Data?
10 I had the wrong set of data. Now Sections are mirrored. I want the values in the right to be on the left and vice versa – How to achieve this?
11  Why the block is not sitting at the expected point when I generate the Cross Section Drawing?
12  I have all the section values at fixed distance - I don’t have an export option to standard template How to achieve the same?
13  How to interpolate levels along a polyline at regular interval, when I have only few levels along the polyline?

Contour Support-FAQ

Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 How to create grid levels, when only contour lines are available ?
2 Area shown for boundary is 2D Area. How to find Surface area of point data?
3 What may be the reason for contour generation taking time?
4  How to generate contours when you have very big point data and contour generation is not happening?
5  Generate contours for differences in surface for 2 surfaces.
6  How to create elevation Text from Point Data?

Earthwork Support-FAQ

Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 Why earthwork calculation gives different result in case of different grid Interval?
2 When I Import both ground and Formation and do the earthwork calculation Formation Level Showing 0 Elevation. What is the reason?
3 When area Calculation is done along X Axis and Y Axis there is huge difference between the volume calculated?

Interpolate Support-FAQ

Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 How to create chainages only at vertices of the alignment (polyline) in AutoCAD Drawing?
2 During interpolation, sometimes ITI command does not work. Why?

KML Support-FAQ

Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 I have AutoCAD Drawing, How to Geo-reference it with respect to KML?
2 How to export elevations (only elevations) from AutoCAD to Google earth?
3 Drawing with polylines, when exported to Google Earth, polylines will not appears in the Google earth why?
4  How to identify the zone value of the any location in Google Earth?
5  When I Export KML file - I have different lines - How to change color of the same?
6  How to copy UTM of a Point from google Earth?

Lisp Support-FAQ

Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 I have many connected 3d broken segments in my drawing how to Join those broken polyline Segments? When I interpolate values I am getting 4 digit precision how to get only 3 digit precision?
2 How to to shift the texts within the box to the center point of the square box?
3 How to convert latitude longitude values which are in degree minute, second to decimal degrees to use in it E Survey CADD?
4  Why, sometimes connected polylines (2D) doesn’t get join after Executing “PJ” command?
5  Why texts are getting created in wrong position when i run lisp programs?
6  Why some CAD Entities like Polygons / Lines are getting deleted when I run some Lisp commands?
7  Why a program which works with many drawings is not working on a specific drawing?
8  Find Elevations of points where survey cannot be done?
9  I have 3 Digit Elevations in my Drawing. How to convert them to 2 digit elevation?
10  How to remove Z value if vertices have elevation, even after running RZ Command?

Topodraw Support-FAQ

Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 Sometimes Elevation will not be available in drawing, it will be having “Serial Number Easting Northing Elevation” Example “200 1023.45 78965.23 233.4” as a text. How to create Contour for such drawing?
2 How to Import data of various Total Station Instruments directly to ESurvey CADD?


Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 When I run some command in AutoCAD, I get the message “Temporary Directory not found”, Why?
2 Why drawing is not getting generated in AutoCAD?
3 After I load "LoadESurveyCADD" program, Menu is not loading in AutoCAD Why?
4 Dynamic Blocks Editing
5 Some of the lisp not working in AutoCAD
6 In AutoCAD Latest versions, after installing ESurvey CADD, either we have to reload application or AutoCAD prompts many times to load lisp program, How to avoid that?
7 How to Enable Menu in AutoCAD, if it is not visible?


Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 How to change settings in BricsCAD when working with ESurvey CADD?


Sl.No Frequently asked Support Questions
1 How to Load Menu in ZWCAD?