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Prepare Land Survey Drawing for Interpolating Levels - Help

1. Open AutoCAD drawing data should be in as below layer format.

  • LS or Center Line should be in LS Layer.
  • RL’s or Ground Levels should be in ELEV Layer
  • Offset Lines should be in OFFSET Layer

Prepare Drawing For Interpolation
2. Go to AutoCAD menu bar and select ESurvey CADD-> Prepare Drawings for Interpolation->Mark Chainages (MCH)

Prepare Drawing For Interpolation
3. Chainage Marker Setting window will appear

Prepare Drawing For Interpolation
4. Enter the value according to your requirement as below

Prefix                                 Ch.

Suffix                                 M

Starting Chainage              0

Increment                          30

Chainage Text Distance     1

Precision                            2

Cross Section Line Length 20

Include Change Point Yes/No

If you select Yes, chainages will mark at given increment and as well as on the vertex point of the centre line. If you select No, chainages will mark only at given increment/interval.

Click on the 'OK' button.

Select the centre line. Chainages will mark automatically at given intervals.

Prepare Drawing For Interpolation