Open Traverse Correction – Angles and Distances - Bowditch Rule

Defined Terms
1. Traverse Correction
2. Bowditch’s Rule
3. Closed Traverse
4. Open Traverse

In this Excel Sheet, you can do traverse Correction, considering Co-ordinates as Input for any open traverse.

Correction of Traverse using the excel template is described below.
1. Open the Excel template, Enable the macros.

2. Enter all the known points in “Known Point” Worksheet. You can either enter the data or paste from another source. These points in this worksheet are considered in the calculations.

3. In “Field Data” worksheet, enter the traverse point coordinates; along with the starting and ending station Names. Please note that these start and end points are locked points and will be automatically taken from the “Known Point List” worksheet for calculations.

4. Click on “Adjustment” button for further computation. All the misclosures adjustments are done in this separate worksheet by pressing the button “Compute”.

1. The template contains help screen which helps the user to understand the operations of the template.

2. You should enter only the values in the cells, which are white in colour.
3. To toggle between the spreadsheet, click on Black coloured buttons.
4. Click “clear all” button to clear the contents of the template in any worksheet.