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Morphing Cross Section - Cross Section Software Help

1. You can see the example sections file below which is having data at an interval of 30 meters cross section. Now you want sections at the interval of every 10 meters. To achieve this requirement, you can use morphing features in ESurvey CADD.

Morphing Cross Section
2. Select 'Morphing' option from Modify menu then Morphing window will appear.

Morphing Cross Section
3. Select the layer which you want to morph. After that, you have 2 options to morph the sections.

  • Only At: This option will morph only one section at a time.
  • At Every: In this option, you have to specify the intervals at which you have to interpolate. Then select from section and to section and click on the 'List' to preview the cross section which is going to be created.

Then select 'Join Remarks' or 'Proportionate' option in Create using group and click on 'Update' button to generate the cross section as per the requirement.

Morphing Cross Section
4. After processing morphing option you can see the interpolated sections as below

Morphing Cross Section
Note: -
  • Join Remarks: It is expected that all available cross section points have remarks and software will morph the data by joining points of the same remark.
  • Proportionately: Proportionately morphs the data depending on length and number of points in consecutive cross sections.