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Interpolate Land Survey Data using Triangulation - Help

Follow the path:

ESurvey CADD -> Interpolate using Tin Method -> At CS & LS/Offset Lines Intersection Points (ITI)

Note: If your AutoCAD is of 64 bit then use 'ITI64' command.

Interpolation Using Triangulation
Then follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Select lines in 'CS' layer intersecting with 'LS' layer pline:
  2. Select entities: (Select required objects that need to be interpolated)
  3. Select entities: Enter
  4. Finding all Intersections between LS and CS Lines...
  5. Found ā€œNā€ Intersections.

Interpolation Using Triangulation
Note: All interpolated levels will be placed in Layer1 and the levels which are extrapolated where the ground data is not at a distance are placed in Layer2. Convert the Layer2 levels into Layer1 before exporting.