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Interpolate Land Survey Data using 3D PolyLine - Help

3D Line Interpolation at an Interval

1. 3D lines are to be created and to be moved to the respective layers as discussed in Triangulation Method. i.e.,

Alignment in LS layer
Offset in OFFSET layer

Interpolation Using 3D

2. Use 'IDI' command to interpolate the values at all the cross section line intersection points.
Go to ESurvey CADD ->Interpolate using 3D Interpolation /At CS & LS/Offset intersections Points (IDI)

Interpolation Using 3D
  • Select lines in 'CS' layer intersecting with 'LS' layer 3D polyline.
  • Select entities: (select all the objects need to be interpolated)

Interpolation Using 3D
Note: All interpolated levels will be placed in Layer1 and the levels which are interpolated where the ground data is far way are placed in Layer2. Convert the Layer2 levels in to Layer1 before exporting.

At required Point

If you want to interpolate a value at any point of the 3D line you can use 'IDP' command. Just select a point on the 3D line and respective value will be created.

Interpolation Using 3D