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Release Notes - ESurvey CADD - Road Design, LS, CS, Quantity

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Land Surveying Software -Release Notes

Version 14

RELEASE DATE: 1-12-2017

  1. All Bugs reported till November 2017 Fixed.

Following Modules are updated

a) Earthwork

b) Section Premium / Ultimate

c) KML

a) ESurvey Earthwork

Box Boundary creating improved, Area Elimination improved

ESurvey Section – Premium / Ultimate

1. Canal Design

i) Display Canal Section Table in each Cross Section

ii) Apply Single Slope Between Berm even having different Soil Slope

iii) Cross Section gets created in case a specific Soil Depth not mentioned (Mentioned as Zero)

iv) Road Design

Vertical Alignment Tab

A. Vertical curve editing made in line with horizontal curve editing

Cross Section Tab

B. Strengthening and Widening Settings in Cross Section

i. You can mention Minimum PCC width for Strengthening

ii. Retaining Existing crust in the proposed Median portion

iii. Construct Shoulder above ground if existing road edge is less than proposed Road edge

iv. Uni Chamber option for Main Road and Service Road

C) ESurvey KML

Now you can Export or Import KML based on Layer Name in CAD. Each Layer name reflects as Folder in KML.


RELEASE DATE: 25-05-2017

  1. All Bugs reported till April 2017 Fixed.

  2. New option provided in Gradient Type, Now Cross Section and Longitudinal Section Gradient Display can be shown as X:1.

  3. Release Notes
  4. New Choices added in Road Design Standard Settings. Using these choices you can provide custom distance between curves and you can also optionally define Extra Width Taper.

  5. Release Notes
  6. Drawing Scaling Issues when CS Generated as 1000X1000 Scale Now All Cross Section Drawing can be generated to the Required Scale.

  7. Release Notes
  8. While importing formation from CAD for Drop/Raise design, Section is not created at drop/raise point, now it is rectified. (CANAL Design)


RELEASE DATE:18-11-2016

Version 13.01 The latest version of ESurvey CADD, Version 13.01, released on 18-11-2016 is incorporated with extra features and improvements which are listed below:

All Bugs reported till October 2016 Fixed


What is New?
  1. Now you can import Multiple layer Field book survey data in single import using new template.

    Release Notes

  2. New Setting introduced. ESurvey CADD→ Section→Setting →CS Section Display or LS Section Display → Row Header Layer and Colour same as Value Colour.

    Release Notes

  3. The parallel Book application added as custom application along with the software. You can now export cross section data in rows for all the layer data present in ESurvey Section file Layer.
    Release Notes
    Release Notes

Road Alignment

What is New?
  • New option provided in Curve Setting window at Edit Curves option under Curve Details in Road Design Horizontal Alignment. You can modify Rate of change of Super elevation and Tapering can be applied to each curve separately at the time of Editing Curve.
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  • Now you can import Road Design assembly from another ESurvey road design file.
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Canal Design

In Canal Sections Design window you can be clear multiple row soild depth data by selecting section range of cells.
Release Notes


RELEASE DATE:10-03-2016

Version 12.10 The latest version of ESurvey CADD, Version 12.01, released on 10-03-2016 is incorporated with extra features and improvements which are listed below:


Contour Area Factor conversion between meters to acre in Capacity calculation is now made more accurate


What is New?
Additionally added 2 new type of Area table format in Sections

A. New format of Area Report Table Type 1- Consolidate-01

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B. Type 2- Consolidate – Area table to generate Consolidate report for Main road and Service Road

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Area Report Summary table is aligned to the centre of the Cross Section Drawing.

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Road Alignment
What is New?
1. Now you can Importing Alignment data through Excel which is designed from other Alignment Design Software.
2. In Cross Section Assembly Design layers hatching made optional, it can be on/off as required Improved from old Version
3. Importing Cross Section Data through Excel format to Alignment line in Horizontal Alignment tab is corrected, now you can import Cross Section data start any chainage.
4. Improved drawing refreshing while importing alignment data from CAD/Excel in Vertical Alignment
5. Showing cutting and Filling depth for Selected Alignment in Vertical Design (Was suggest to remove in Version 12.0 and again we implemented in this version)
6. Additional Chainage in Alignment Cross section when chainage has value like 180000 and more issue has rectified.
7. Split LS and Plan Feature is remove in version 12.00, again we incorporated this feature as request by customer.


RELEASE DATE:01-10-2014

7 Modules of ESurvey are merged together to a product called ESurvey CADD. With this change now earlier products ESurey Sections, ESurvey CAD, ESurvey Lisp and ESurvey KML are discontinued. Modules get enabled depending on licenses you have procured. There is no need to install separate modules, you just need to install one Package ESurvey CADD.
Improvement in Surface Handling
Now more points can be considered for generating Contour, Earthwork Calculation and Surface import in ESurvey Section Road Design Module
  • New Horizontal curve report exporting all curve parameters added
  • Canal report to export sectionwise canal parameters has been added
  • Improved handling of contours for larger data
  • All the bugs reported till 30-09-2014 fixed.
ESurvey product Individual modules old Version Release Notes: