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Derive Layer CS - Difference - Cross Section Software Help

Derive layer feature is one of the important features in ESurvey CADD section module, Derive layer means, create a new layer data from the reference of existing data.

For example, in the sample cross section shown in below, you have levels for Layer 1 and Layer 2. To display the difference of Layer 1 and layer 2 you have to use derive difference layer.

ESurvey Derive Layer CS - Difference
When you select Layer 1 and Layer 2 as area calculation layers, section module will show the difference between Layer 1 and Layer 2 in two separate bands “Cutting” and “Filling”. Such feature is available only to find out the difference between the layers which are selected for area calculation in a basic setting. However, if you explicitly wish to show the difference between any pair of layers, use derive layer – difference feature.

1. Open ‘Derive CS Layers’ from 'Modify' Menu

Derive Layer CS - Difference
2. Select 'Difference' option from the Layer Types tree view.Click 'New' button and give derive layer name as 'GROUND-FRL', select resultant layer as 'Layer 41' then select first layer 'Layer 1' and second layer 'Layer 2'. Click 'Save' button.

Derive Layer CS - Difference
3. Now close 'Derive Layers CS' window and In the ‘Preview’ screen select any cross section you can see the Layer 41 band is created with values of Difference between Layer 1 and Layer 2.

Derive Layer CS - Difference