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Derive Layer CS - Cutting - Filling - CS Software Help

Derive layer feature is one of the important features in ESurvey CADD section module. Derive layer means, create a new layer data from the reference of existing data.

For example, In this cross section shown below, only cutting area between ground layer and embankment layer is required. This requirement can be achieved using Derive CS Layer – Cutting feature.

Derive Layer CS - Cutting - Filling
Go to 'Derive CS Layers' under 'Modify' menu

In Derive Layer CS window select 'Cutting' option from Layer Types tree view then click 'New' button. Give derive layer name as ‘OGL-EMK’ and select ‘Layer 43’ as the resultant layer for updating the computed values.

In this example, select first layer as ‘OGLs’ and second layer as ‘EMBANKMENT’ layer and click 'Save' button. Close Derive Layer CS window.

Derive Layer CS - Cutting - Filling
After saving, go to 'Preview' to see the result in Layer 43.

Derive Layer CS - Cutting - Filling