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Derive Layer CS Layer - Cross Section Software Help

Derive layer feature is one of the important feature in ESurvey CADD section module. Derive layer means, create a new layer data from the reference of existing data.

Following are the various derive layers which can be created in section module

Sl. No. Derive Layer CS Description
1 Extend Endpoint of the selected layer to match with second layer distance
2 Join Endpoint of the first layer to be joined with end point of the second layer
3 Extrapolate Extend last point of the selected layer in the same gradient of the last segment to match with second layer distance
4 Cutting Create a new layer considering only the points coming in cutting
5 Difference Find difference between first layer and second layer
6 Distance Display distances of selected layer
7 Filling Create a new layer considering only the points coming in filling
8 Gradient Find gradient values of the selected layer segments
9 Inclusive Create the nearest point of the first layer and second with respect to selected reference layer
10 Interpolate Create first layer levels at distance where the second layer point is available
11 Merge Combining first layer and second layer and derive a new layer
12 Offset Create offset of selected layer with given height
13 Parallel Create parallel layer selected layer for given height
14 Road Layers Create road layer with respect to given depth from layer point
When you create a derived layer, it need not be made applicable to all the cross sections in the project. You can selectively apply derive CS layer to only selected sections of the project.

Derive Layer CS Layer