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Creating Cross Section Template - CS Software Help

1. In ESurvey CADD interface select the 'CS Template' option from toolbar, CS Template Master window will open

2. In CS Template Master window click on the triple dotted button and give a name for the template as PMGSY and close it.

3. Select PMGSY template in CS template drop down list and click on 'New' button to start Creating the Template. For Ex. The Typical PMGSY Template will have a road width of 1.875 Meters Carriageway, 1.875 M shoulder and 1:1.5 Toe line. You can create each one of these items.

4. Select 'Side' as 'Left' then ‘Slope_W’ option from ‘Type’ dropdown and give 'Width' as 1.875 and 'Ratio' as -2.5%.and click on 'Save'.

5.Similarly, select Slope_W in 'Type' and give the shoulder 'Width' 1.875 and 'Ratio' as -3% and click on 'Save'

6. Select 'Gradient_W' in 'Type' dropdown option, give 'Width' as 10M ,'Ratio' as -1.5, select check box intersect and select 'Stop' in 'Continuity' dropdown option then click on 'Save' button.

7. Create side slope for cutting section,  Select 'Gradient_W' in 'Type' dropdown option, give 'Width' as 10M ,'Ratio' as 1.5, and select 'Below' option in 'Reference' dropdown then select 'Intersect' checkbox option and in 'Continuity' select 'Stop' option in dropdown then click on 'Save' button.

8. To create right side template, click on 'Mirror' option then select From Side as 'Left', To Side as 'Right' and click on 'Mirror' button.

Note:- If the parameter of left side section and right side section is not same then you cannot use mirror option, you need to design manually.