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103 Cross Section Layers - Cross Section Software Help

Layer concept is one of the essential items one has to understand in ESurvey CADD section module. Layer in section module is similar to AutoCAD Layer concept but you have to understand more about it to effectively use section module.

By default, 103 layers will be there in section module. Each range has significance. The table shown  below explains about various layers that are used in ESurvey CADD section module.

Sl. No.       Layer      Number Description
1 1-20 Layer 1 to 20 allows users to import data. All further Layers are computed by software.
2 21 – 40 Cross section template data which gets derived by applying CS template or assembly
3 41 – 60 Layer data derived from various derive layers
4 61 – 80 Cross Section template data which have to be computed considering the values in deriving layer
5 81 - 86 Blank Layers
6 87 Cutting Value (difference between Area Calculation Layers)
7 88 Filling Value (difference between Area Calculation Layers)
8 89 Offset Distance
9 90 Cumulative Offset Distance
10 91-103 Layers related to Road Design
Layer properties of each layer can be changed to suit the project requirement.

  1. Properties of layer 1 to 90 can be changed in 'Setting' screen under item 'CS layers' and ' LS Layers'

    Cross Section Layers
  2. Layer 90 to 103 is used as road design vertical align layers

  3. Cross Section Layers
Understanding this layering concept is very helpful in effectively utilising the strength of the section module for complex requirements.