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One of the features of CAD Packages which still does not fulfil requirements is a table. There are many soft wares available to convert Excel Data into AutoCAD. Some free and some commercial. In recent version of CAD Packages there is a direct Table Command which can import data directly from CSV File and populate table, in spite of all these people are looking for solution related to converting data from Excel to CAD.

There are a variety of solutions to the same problem and we have added a new way to import excel data into AutoCAD. This is particularly helpful when similar tables are being created in CAD. Using MSExcel2CAD you can convert excel data into AutoCAD Drawing. One of the unique features of this package is that you can define most of the properties of the Table Entities like layer, Font Etc.

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1. First we will Create one Project Called Sample


2. We will select ‘MSExcel2CAD’ from the Main Menu

3.We have ‘Main Drawing’ Tree Item Under which there is ‘Table’ Menu Item. We will select that and click on ‘Tables’ button


4. Let us take a simple example of importing Point Data from Excel


Now we will Create Table ‘Point Data’. We have 5 Columns. We can assign different Styles to header and details. We can also specify different height for the header and details. Recapture image something similar to below


5.Once we close the screen, we will get a base table on the Screen

6.Now we will select – Table Properties form ‘Ribbon’ Items.We will change the Captions, Column width and Text Justification as below

7.Now we will select layer item from ribbon and set layer properties


8.We will select Import Excel Now and select ‘Point Data’ Excel Sheet


9.Once we import the data. Drawing is ready. We can export it as Drawing

10.If we have multiple tables in the same drawing then we can define more tables and insert all of them in one single drawing by selecting ‘Main Drawing’ Tree item

Interpolate Multiple Elevations
Setting Out

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